Vertical Break Switch VB1

Robust & Reliable

The VB1 is designed to be reliable, easy to operate and to maintain.

All the mechanical transmission components are accessible from outside the current path. There are no parts hidden inside the conductors.

All parts are fabricated from extruded aluminum or machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.


Technical features

  • High strength hot dip galvanized steel;
  • Maintenance-free dry lubricant bearings;
  • Hardware on live parts are made of non-magnetic materials;
  • Current-carrying parts are made of high-conductivity 6063T6 extruded aluminum;
  • Contacts are made of silver plated hard drawn copper;
  • Solid silver inlay contacts may also be provided as an option.

Operating principle

  • The operating principle of the VB1 is designed to eliminate most of the problems inherent to the drop and rotate design used by many switch manufacturers.
  • The jaw assembly is easily protected to prevent ice build-up on the contacts;
  • The axial entry guarantees full contact pressure each time;
  • The hinge is designed so that gravity pulls the blade backward well before it reaches 90°.
  • The blade swings until it is positioned in front of the jaw, then moves axially into the jaw. The end position of the main moving contact is always perfectly perpendicular in the jaw.
  • The jaw assembly consists of multiple spring- loaded finger contacts to minimize current density at point of contact.
  • Main contacts are made of silver plated hard drawn copper.
  • Hard drawn copper with solid silver inlay may also be provided as an option.
  • Jaw suitable for severe ice conditions shown.

Dimensions & Technical Data

  • Dimensions based on ANSI TR insulators.
  • IEC ratings and insulators also available.
En (kV)15273848.372.5123145170
BIL (kV)110150200250350550650750
A5105106707701 0451 5101 7501 950
C1 2151 2151 3751 4751 7752 2452 4852 685
D5346357378381 1111 4921 7211 924
E9951 0961 1981 5612 5912 9723 2013 404
In (A)up to 4000up to 4000up to 4000up to 4000up to 4000up to 4000up to 3000up to 2000
Icc (kA peak)up to 163up to 163up to 163up to 163up to 163up to 163up to 163up to 163
Icc (kA rms)up to 63up to 63up to 63up to 63up to 63up to 63up to 63up to 63

For other ratings consult factory

  • Parallel or perpendicular grounding switch
  • Manual or motor operator
  • Mechanical, electromagnetic, electrical and trapped key interlock system
  • Arcing horns, high speed whips and vaccum or SF6 interrupters.
  • Slant configuration
  • Outriggers and provision for strain insulators and/or dead-end insulators
  • Silver inlays or silver plating

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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