VB1 – Vertical break

EMSPEC’s VB1 vertical break disconnect switch will address your most severe requirements. For the Chenier substation Static Var Compensator (SVC) in Quebec, Canada, EMSPEC’s Vertical break disconnect switch was mounted underhung which enables it to operate under 60mm of ice buildup. This is three times the requirement of IEEE and IEC standards.

The underhung configuration allows the installation of ice shields that prevent ice buildup on the disconnect switch live parts. Specially developed for high current applications, the 6300A vertical break disconnect switch is easy to install and to maintain. EMSPEC’s technology of drop in front of the jaw and push into the contacts closing motion allows the switch to be mounted underhung without the risk of the blade falling out of the jaw with gravity. This switch is offered either motor or manually operated.

Voltage ratingUp to 72kV
Current ratingUp to 6300A
Symmetrical short-time current ratingUp to 80kA
Ice ratingUp to 60mm
Type of operatorManual or motor
MountingUpright, vertical or underhung

Related Projects

Projects related to the 6300A vertical break: Levis De-Icer (Quebec, Canada), Chibougamau substation (Quebec, Canada), SVC Bout-de-l’Île (Quebec, Canada), SVC Albanel (Quebec, Canada), SVC Nemiscau (Quebec, Canada), Strome Substation (Alberta, Canada), Murrin Substation (British Columbia, Canada)


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