Manual Swing handle Operator – BT280

Simple & Robust

The swing handle operator is designed with simplicity in mind that makes it reliable and easy to operate.


Technical features

  • The swing handle, aka the torsion bar, is made from the highest quality materials. The support plate and handle are made from galvanized steel and the pipe clamp is machined   from  billet 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • The guiding axel is made of high strength bronze. Padlockable in the open and close position, the handle locks in the upward position. This avoids the handle to be buried by snow.

Optional key interlock

  • The operator may be provided with optional trapped key interlocks. Two locks can be installed on the support.

Optional auxiliary switches

  • The swing handle operator auxiliary switch unit is directly inline with the output shaft. Each  switch  is  fully  adjustable.  You have the choice of 10 or 20 contacts. The cover  slides  out  to  provide  full access to the terminals and contacts.

Manual Swing handle Operator BT280

The handle is designed for 180º rotation


  • Trapped key interlock
  • Auxiliary contacts

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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