Semi-Pantograph Disconnector – SP15506

Robust & Reliable

The SP15506 is designed with a simplicity that makes it reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

All the mechanical transmission components are accessible from outside the current path. There are no parts hidden inside the conductors.

Twin gear-set/pull-rod assemblies provide easy adjustment and stability.

All parts are fabricated from extruded aluminum or machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.


  • Our innovative patended trapeze design uses a dual spring-loaded strut system to place the contact bar at the correct position in the jaw. The struts will allow an upward travel of the bar when the jaw is grabbing the contact and assure a perfect final position of the system by counteracting the lift.
  • This trapeze design allows the use of a very simple jaw design. The contact pressure is provided by well-proven spring-loaded contact fingers.The mechanically actuated jaw systems of other semi-pantographs is not necessary. Because the SP15506 does not have all these small mechanical actuators in the jaw and inside the conductor blade, we can say it is the most reliable semi-pantograph available.

Easy inspection / maintenance

  • The gear-sets are doubled for greater reliability. Made from aircraft-grade high strength aluminum. It has been tested for 3 000 reliable cycles. Contrary to the trend, EMSPEC chose not to hide the mechanical transmission inside the tube of the conductors. Therefore, this important function is easily accessible for inspection or maintenance.
  • The compensation spring(s) are also outside the conductor tube for easy access.

Dimensions & Technical Data

  • Dimensions are based on IEC insulators also available with ANSI TR insulators.
En (kV)123170230245 362420
BIL (kV)5507509501 0501 3001 425
A4 0234 9735 7886 4227 4328 882
B14271 9072 3072 5073 1073 357
In (A)1 200 to 31501 200 to 3 1501 200 to 3 1501 200 to 3 1501 200 to 3 1501 200 to 3 150
Icc (kA peak)up to 130up to 130up to 130up to 130up to 130up to 130
Icc (kA rms)up to 50up to 50up to 50up to 50up to 50up to 50

For other ratings consult factory

  • Parallel or perpendicular grounding switch
  • Manual or motor operator
  • Mechanical or electromagnetic interlock system
  • Arcing horns
  • Silver inlays or silver plating

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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