Catenary equipment

An important product line for EMSPEC’s activity is its overhead catenary system for electrified rail transportation systems. EMSPEC manufactures overhead catenary components employed in urban metro applications, tramways, passenger rail and high speed trains with system voltage ranging from 750V to 25kV. We are a leader in the North American market providing products to most major customers that have electrified catenary systems such as the ATM (Montreal -Canada), Amtrak (North East corridor – USA), Canadian National Railway (Canada), SEPTA (Pennsylvania – USA) and the MTA (New York – USA).

The know-how EMSPEC has acquired over the years has enabled us to manufacture products that meet the highest applicable standards. Our vast experience in the industry, flexibility in developing customized solutions, and our commitment to provide innovative and reliable products make us a leading supplier in the overhead catenary system industry.

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Our complete product range includes the following catenary system products

  • Disconnect switches and ground switches (copper or aluminium)
  • Cantilevers (Aluminium, Galvanized steel or Composite)
  • Automatic Tensioning Devices (Gas, spring, counterweights or with Ratio)
  • Section insulators (750V, 1,5kV, 3kV &25kV)
  • Steady Arms (Straight, Curved, Compensated, Insulated or Non-insulated)
  • Anchoring insulators (rod end ring, clevis or tenon)
  • Droppers
  • Rigid catenary (rail bond, suspension clamps, expansion joints, etc.)
  • Cable, wire hardware & clamps
  • Tools

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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