LDW – Vee-Double end break 

LDW – Vee-Double end break disconnect switch for transmission projects EMSPEC manufactures the vee-double end break disconnect switch since it was first introduced in 2007.

It offers a reduced base frame achieved by installing the two end support insulators in a vee configuration. This reduced base frame will require a steel support structures having a smaller footprint. It also allows to factory assemble the 3-phase disconnect switch on a common beam and deliver it as unitized system that can be easily installed vertically directly on a transmission pole or horizontally on a simple two legged support structure.

Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant located in Hingham, Massachusetts (USA), purchased two LDW disconnect switches and had a very short time window to install them. The substation is located very close to the AMTRAK electrified catenary system and the installation was only possible during the short time when trains don’t travel. The installation of one switch took merely 4 hours and was ready to be energized the same day.

The unitized version of the LDW is delivered in only three separate parts: The unitized switch, the vertical pipe and the operator. The unitized switch is first attached to the pole, then the operator is mounted at the required height and finally the vertical pipe is connected from the operator’s output to the gear box of the unitized switch. No adjustments are required at site as the 3-phase unitized disconnect switch is factory adjusted and tested before shipping.

Voltage ratingUp to 170kV
Current ratingUp to 3000A
Symmetrical short-time current ratingUp to 63kA
Ice ratingUp to 20mm
Type of operatorManual or motor
MountingUpright, vertical or underhung

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