Indoor tilt switch – SB813

Robust & Reliable

The SB813 isa simple, robust and very reliable indoor  disconnect switch for metalclad switchgear or open frame mounting.

All parts are machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.


Technical features

  • High strength yellow zinc plated  steel base frame;
  • High strength epoxy insulators & push rod;
  • Twin blades made of high-conductivity copper;
  • Moving and fixed contacts are made of silver plated hard drawn copper;

Heavy duty contacts

  • For high duty cycle applications where switches are required to operate 20 to 30 times in a day, EMSPEC has developed optional silver inlays. Please consult factory for more details.

Up to 8 000A

  • The SB813 was designed to meet the most severe applications. Some industrial process plants require 6000 and 8000A switches, which EMSPEC is able to provide.

 Indoor tilt switch – SB813

 Indoor tilt switch – SB813

Dimensions & Technical Data

  • Dimensions based on ANSI TR insulators.
BIL (kV)95110125150170
In (A)Up to 8 000Up to 8 000Up to 8 000Up to 8 000Up to 8 000
Icc (kA peak)Up to 82Up to 82Up to 82Up to 82Up to 82

For other ratings consult factory

  • Silicone, polymer or porcelain insulators
  • Silver plating or silver inlays contacts
  • Ground switches
  • Mechanical or trapped key interlocks
  • Manual or motor operators
  • Auxiliary contacts

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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