Robust & Reliable

EMSPEC offer a wide range of grounding switches from 15kV to 550kV.

All EMSPEC ground switches are built on the keep it simple principle, through innovative design to provide high performance and reliability. Only the best materials are used for its fabrication.

All parts are fabricated from extruded aluminum or machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.


Technical features

  • High strength hot dip galvanized structural steel base frame;
  • Maintenance-free dry lubricant bearings;
  • Hardware on live parts are made of non-magnetic materials(mainly stainless steel);
  • Contacts are made of silver plated hard drawn copper;


  • All ground switches may be provided as stand alone or combined with one of our various range of disconnect switches. Parralelle or perpendicular motion to the main switch base frame is available
  • Image on the left shows an ST18503 with the 3 blades contained within the support structure girder . The center image shows the same ST18503 model combined to a 145kV double end break D.S.. The motion of the ground blade is paralelle to the base frame of the main switch. The image on the right shows a GSA36135 double motion perpen- dicular grounding switch.
Type EMST18501ST90GSAST18503STE2
15 kVxx
27 kVxxx
38 kVxxx
72.5 kVxxx
123 kVxx
145 kVxx
170 kVxx
245 kVxxx
300 kVxxx
362 kVxxx
420 kVxx
550 kVx

EMSPEC range of grounding switches are available for short circuit withstand current from 12,5 to 90kA rms-s. Please consult an EMSPEC representative to help you select the right GS for your application.

Configurations and Options
  • Parallel or perpendicular grounding switch
  • Manual or motor operator
  • Arcing contacts
  • High speed whip
  • Vaccuum interrupter
  • Silver inlays or silver plating

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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