Folding vertical break

Effortless, smooth continuous operation, space saving and reliable, EMSPEC’s folding vertical break disconnect switch is praised by many utilities and private energy companies in North America and China.

Also called the knee-type disconnect switch because the blade folds in the middle during operation, offering a shorter height when fully open than the traditional vertical break disconnect switches which is very beneficial where overhead distances is a concern.

Because of the lower height when fully opened and because in its construction it employs two stabilizing bars, one each side of the blade, the folding vertical break disconnect switch is less sensitive to wind and earthquakes. The system is also better balanced than traditional vertical break disconnect switch, which provides a smoother and faster operation in extreme conditions such as high winds, ice buildup, and seismic activity.

Under ice storm conditions, the added weight of the ice buildup on each half-blade sections will self-compensate and will require lower operating efforts. With a standard vertical break disconnect switch the ice buildup will result in added effort to lift the weight of the one piece blade and the added weight from the ice. Many believe the folding vertical break disconnect switch is the best solution for rugged climatic conditions or a problem solver for overhead distance limitations.

Voltage rating115kV to 550kV
Current ratingUp to 3000A
Symmetrical short-time current ratingUp to 63kA
Ice ratingUp to 20mm
Type of operatorManual or motor

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