Double Side Break Switch – LD2

Robust & Reliable

The LD2 is a simple design using only the best available materials.

High-conductivity extruded aluminum terminals, extruded aluminum blades, stainless steel pivot shaft, aluminum pivot housing.

All parts are fabricated from extruded aluminum or machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.


Technical features

  • High strength hot dip galvanized steel;
  • Maintenance-free dry lubricant bearings;
  • Hardware on live parts are made of non-magnetic materials;
  • Current-carrying parts are made of high-conductivity extruded aluminum;
  • Contacts are made of silver plated hard drawn copper;

Current-carrying parts

    • Main contacts are silver plated copper to silver plated copper. The copper parts are tin plated when in contact with an alu- minum surface. All tinned copper-to-aluminum interfaces are cleaned of oxidation and permanently sealed with an oxydation inhibitor. Self lubricating AgC contacts are available as an option
    • Contact fingers are self-resilient and do not require any additional springs to provide contact pressure. During a short- circuit, the electrodynamic forces increase contact pressure.

Optional configuration

The LD2 is available in W Configuration

2 types are available:

  • Substation switch with individual base frame;
  • Transmission switch on unitized base frame.

Dimensions & Technical Data

  • Dimensions based on ANSI TR insulators.
  • * IEC ratings and dimensions also available.
En (kV)3848.372.5123145170245300362
BIL (kV)200250350550650750900105010501 1751 300
A1 1001 2501 5001 8002 0002 4002 6003 0003 4004 0004 000
B7008019581 5421 7711 8222 2792 7362 6993 0493 092
C1 6001 7502 0002 3002 5002 9003 1003 5003 9004 5004 500
In (A)1 200 to 31501 200 to 31501 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 40001 200 to 4000
Icc (kA peak)up to 163up to 163up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182up to 182
Icc (kA rms)up to 63up to 63up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70up to 70

For other ratings consult factory

  • Parallel or perpendicular grounding switch
  • Manual or motor operator
  • Mechanical, electromagnetic, electrical and trapped key interlock system
  • Arcing horns or high speed whips
  • Silver inlays or silver plating

This brochure provides a brief introduction. EMSPEC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice.

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