Ratings: 123kV-550kV, 1200A-4000A
Robust & Reliable
The Folding Vertical Break is designed with a simplicity that makes it reliable and easy to operate and maintain.
All the mechanical transmission components are accessible from outside the current path. There are no parts hidden inside the conductors.
Twin gear-set/pull-rod assemblies provide easy adjustment and stability.
All parts are fabricated from extruded aluminum or machined from solid billet materials, such as 304 stainless steel and hard drawn copper.

Compact design and mechanical advantages

  • The height of the blade in the open position is only 50% of a comparable conventional vertical break disconnector. Therefore, crossing structures and/or bus may be lower as well. Because of the lower height, the FVB is less sensitive to wind and earthquakes.
  • The motion and operaing linkage is better balanced than that of a conventional vertical break, providing smoother and faster operation with less mechanical stress in the transmission chain.
  • In the closed position, under severe wet snow or ice buildup, the added weight on each half-blade section balances the other. As a result, the added load on the blade does not increase the operating effort, making this design the best solution for rugged climate.
  • The contact pressure is provided by well proven spring-loaded contact fingers. The mechanically actuated jaw systems of other semi-pantographs is not necessary.

Easy inspection and maintenance

  • The gear-sets are made from aircraft grade high strength alumin and are doubled for greater reliability and balance
  • The operating and balancing system is not hidden inside the blade, leading to easy inspection and maintenance
  • The mechanical system has been tested for 2,000 cycles

  • All current transfers are done by EMSPEC's well-proven contact system with multiple spring-loaded fingers
  • The contact fingers are identical to and fully interchangeable with those used on our vertical break, double side break and center break disconnect switches
  • The same contact parts are used at the hinge, the knee and the jaw
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