362kV Double end break

362kV double end break in Australia’s arid desert EMSPEC double break disconnect switch is not only good under ice, but excels in arid or salty humid environmental conditions. The 362kV LD2 double end break disconnect switch and associated ST18503 ground switch was first installed at TransGrid New Castle substation located in the New South Wales province of Australia which has harsh maritime conditions.

The 300kV LD2 double end break disconnect switch is also installed throughout Powerlink’s network in the Queensland province of Australia.

This switch is offered either motor or manually operated and can be delivered with various accessories such as arching horns, arc restrictors, high velocity whips, electrical or mechanical interlocks and many other features.

Voltage ratingUp to 362kV
Current ratingUp to 4000A
Symmetrical short-time current ratingUp to 63kA
Ice ratingUp to 20mm
Type of operatorManual or motor
MountingUpright, vertical or underhung

Related Projects

Projects related to the LD2 @ 362kV: Tomago substation (New South Wales, Australia), Canberra substation (New South Wales, Australia) and Sapphire Wind Farm (New South Wales, Australia).


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